Family & Psychological Services, Inc. is a well-established private, non-profit organization that provides a variety of counseling services throughout the South Jersey area by a dedicated and caring team of mental health professionals. 


Each individual is treated with compassionate and non-judgmental support, guidance, and counseling suited to meet each individual's specific needs and goals. We work hard to help lead each individual toward a life of health and wellness.


Our Clinicians have the professional training and skills to help each client cope more effectively with a variety of life and behavioral issues. Some of these include depression, anxiety, relationship, stress, anger, abuse, bereavement/grief, hallucinations, PTSD, etc. Our Clinicians use a variety of techniques based on the individual's unique circumstances, characteristics, and goals.


We have four locations throughout New Jersey, please call our office at 856-424-4408 to speak with us and we will match you to the correct Clinician based on your specific treatment needs and goals.